Did An App Cause The Crypto Market To Pump Then Reverse?

Is cryptocurrency trading success from sheer luck, or is it the tools used that make the difference?


While it would be tough to distinguish one particular product or service as having the ability to move an entire market, there appears to be underlying evidence that the Berminal App (Berminal.com) played a major role in the markets recent pump.

Despite how tough it is to distinguish one individual product or service that can have the ability to move an entire market, there is some evidence that can’t be ignored that suggests the Berminal App played a role in pumping the market.

What is Berminal?

Berminal is a mobile app which provides users with real-time notifications of current and upcoming cryptocurrency / blockchain events in your area and across the globe. With an editorial team of over 25 writers spanning the globe, the Berminal App has the range to bring you critical crypto news for both traders and enthusiasts alike.

The Berminal app alleviates two key problems traders encounter:

  1. Timeliness of news – users get their news as real-time as possible due to the translation and writing abilities of dedicated writers, as well as the speed and effectiveness of their crawler engine.
  2. TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) – the app provides a summarized “cliff notes” version of full articles, giving users the ability to read 10 articles in the time it takes to read 1.

Taking a closer look at the pump:

Here is a 15 min chart of Bitcoin this morning, at 13:15 Tradingview time, which was 9:15a EST, BTC just took off with a vengeance. That volume is pretty extreme when compared to the rest of the chart. So what caused this pump of almost 3% in 15 minutes? There had to be a catalyst for this bullish reversal. As many in the industry know, the news is always one of the biggest catalysts for price movement.

The Evidence:

Taking a dive into the articles that were posted prior to the pump, we notice something interesting. There were a series of 4 straight Bullish news articles starting at 8:55a all the way to 9:17a.

Here’s what all transpired…

  1. 8:55a “Analysts explain how China will Pilot the next Bull Run” – The article cites the Chinese investors’ insatiable thirst for cryptocurrency and US Trade war and global instability will spark a 5th Elliot Wave

  2. 8:57a “Bitcoin Price Update: Bears Congregate at the Channel Resistance” – Using technical analysis, the writer paints a potentially grim picture suggesting a possibility of further price decline due to the 100 simple moving average (SMA) remaining below the 200SMA. However, does provide hope for a breach of $6800 to put us into a potential bull market.

  3. 9:00a “DX Hits 500,000 Users Ahead of its Launch” – a cryptocurrency exchange powered by NASDAQ managed to onboard 500k registered users. An absolutely bullish sign as the crypto industry continues to move towards mass adoption and acceptance. One of the first major steps for institutional money to come in.

  4. 9:17a “Europol Taps Exchanges to Crackdown on Crypto Crimes” – Europol sat down with European cryptocurrency exchanges to find a way to crack down on the crimes that plague the industry, such as money laundering. Rather than pulling out the ban hammer, countries are trying to find ways to collaborate with the fast-growing industry.


There you have it, a string of bullish articles over a span of 20 minutes that saved BTC and all other cryptocurrencies! Obviously, a little bit of a stretch (maybe a lot a bit), to claim the Berminal App as the savior of the crypto industry. What we do have though is an app that is able to feed critical news when needed most to make sure any trader isn’t left behind sitting on the sidelines watching his friends drive off on their Lambos.

The Berminal App is Available for download now:
Web: www.berminal.com
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/berminal/id1395341829?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.berminal.android


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